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Always One Step Ahead with Pixage Digital Signage

Display Custom Messages For Your Target Audience

With Pixage Digital Signage’s filtering tools, you can broadcast different content in different locations, and therefore, direct your messages to the most appropriate target audience.
For example, you can analyze the purchase decisions of your customers, and categorize the target regions. Then, you can create different broadcast channels for each audience group, and manage content through such channels.

Get Instant Feedback From Your Customers, Your Supporters or Your Guests

Pixage Digital Signage system offers an interactive broadcast platform experience by allowing the user to manage content on the screen.
With this platform, you can receive instant feedback about your products or services, and instantly collect important demographic data. Thus, you can offer customized promotions and campaigns depending on the preferences of the viewers on the screen, and use cross-selling strategies.

Create Appealing Screens with Rich Media Content & Display Quality

Pixage Digital Signage offers instant Yandex traffic & Accuwheather reports, thus works compatible with VLC video player and Google Chrome.
Pixage Digital Signage also supports 4K broadcast format and hardware’s such as LCD, videowall, projection systems, LED screens, digital base, kiosks, etc.
To make your message more attractive, you can simultaneously play several content, and you can synchronize the content on a single screen. For example, you can create a content management plan by dividing the screen into two, and broadcast instant traffic & weather info and your corporate video on the same screen.

Control Is Always At Your Disposal with Detailed Reporting

You can monitor from a single point, critical indicators such as whether the videos have been uploaded to the players or the content has been played, using play reports and statistics.
Reports provided by Pixage Digital Signage software;

  • Content distribution control and breakdown reporting
  • Functioning reports on system equipment (Player Box, network, multiplexer hardware and software)
  • User list report
  • Content play proof report
  • Interactive play details (what content is played for how long and how many times)
  • Failure reports
  • Instant view of screen and Player Box


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